Best Intentions

I resolved to buy fewer games in the new year in order that I could spend less of my free time feeling obligated to play games in general and what did I do? I decided that I should finally beat Dark Souls and then Dark Souls II in preparation for Dark Souls III.

What the actual fuck?

I am however enjoying it and after 30 or so hours on this playthrough I think I finally get most of it. I spent most of last night grinding souls in order to buy materials to upgrade a new armor set so I think that qualifies.

Also, I beat Ornstein and Smough. Praise the sun!



One thought on “Best Intentions

  1. doddman24 February 1, 2016 / 11:52 pm

    Keep with it! Beating Ornstein and Smough is equivalent to breaking through the metaphorical runner’s wall. The game really opens up after that.


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